Faith Development

Sunday School Classes

    • High School Class
    • Junior High Class
    • 3rd – 5th Class
    • 1st – 3rd Class
    • Pre-K & Kindergarten
  • Adult Bible Series
    • The Christian Community Comes Alive
      This fall, lessons in ADULT BIBLE STUDIES Teacher follow the theme, “The Christian Community Comes Alive.” The student book writer is Bill Carter; Tim Bryan is the writer for the teacher book.Unit 1
      Seeds of New Growth
      The quarter’s first four lessons follow the early Christians as they, guided by the Holy Spirit, formed a faith community, prayed with boldness, shared their possessions, witnessed to the truth of Jesus Christ, and stood firm in the face of opposition.
    • Unit 2
      Giving Bold Testimony
      The four lessons in this unit continue to follow the development of the early church as Jesus’ followers proclaimed the source of true power, preached and taught faithfully about Jesus, earned the right to be heard, took risks for the sake of the gospel, and trusted God’s Spirit to lead and empower them.
    • Unit 3
      Spreading the Gospel
      The five lessons that conclude this quarter’s study recall Peter’s deliverance from prison; the appearance of Paul and Barnabas before the Jerusalem Council; the spread of the gospel from Derbe to Philippi, then to Thessalonica, Beroea, and Athens; and Paul’s visits to Corinth, Syria, and Ephesus.
  • Veritas  Sunday  School Class
    • This class is a mini-church that seeks to put into action the lessons that are learned through Bible study.
    • Bible Studies
      • The Veritas class is a discussion group which is currently reading through the books of the Apocrypha. These are books that are included in Catholic Bibles, but not in Protestant Bibles.
      • When we study the Apocrypha, we learn about the development of theological doctrines between the Old and New Testament times and see that Jesus often quoted from these books.
      • The class uses the following study material:
        “Between the Testaments: A Protestant looks at the Apocrypha” by Dr. James T. Reuteler PH.D. See pdf at [add link]
        A copy of the Apocrypha, such as “The New Oxford Annotated Apocrypha – New Revised Standard Version” or a Catholic New American Bible.
      • The class discussion leader distributes questions from the “Catholic Serendipity Bible for Personal and Small Group Study – New American Bible” to guide personal study of the passages to be discussed.
      • This class requires a commitment to study the passages that will be discussed before the class meets.
      • Class members have the option to receive a weekly newsletter via email from the discussion leader which gives a short summary of the previous class discussion and information on the status of class projects.

Wednesday Night Bible Study and Dinner

  • 5:30 Dinnerchange the world
  • 6:30 Study:
    • This class is led by the Pastor and connects Biblical scripture to practical living. Currently the class is focusing on the Bible and another resource:  Change the World; Rediscovering the Message and Mission of Jesus Christ by Mike Slaughter. Let’s discover together how a lived in faith is relevant to our world today.
  • Classes for children are available during the Adult study.

Developing Disciples For Christ